First Anal


Experiencing something for the very first time is always difficult, and this is applicable to everything in life. From driving a car to having anal sex, you gradually bed into the whole process. It takes a lot of determination and courage to do something you have never tried doing before. Initially you get worried and different imaginations begin to flood your head. Then when you finally decide to give it a try, you realize it was never as easy as you had always imagined. First anal sex experience is never smooth and fun, it comes with a little bit of pain that prepares you for the subsequent ones. Either you are a guy or a girl, you have to make this little sacrifice before you start enjoying full anal excitement.

When you are ready to go all the way, you should make preparations and not just rush into it to avoid hurting yourself or your partner.The best position to have the first experience of anal sex is the doggy position, as this exposes the asshole and the pace of stroking can be controlled. Make sure the asshole is wet before penetrating, use enough lubricants around the hole and your cock to make penetration easier. You can as well lick the butt and make the hole wet with saliva. The tip of the cock is filled into the asshole and gradually eased in as slow as possible.

When a reasonable amount of the dick, is in this very tight hole and the guy moves with calculated and cautious movement. The lady would definitely moan as this happens. After she gets comfortable with the dick in this unusual hole of hers, the guy can move his shaft further inwards but the strokes are to remain slow. Add more lubricants into the asshole once friction sets in, gathering speed to the movement of the cock as she feels less pain with time. Pretty teens having their first anal sex can be seen with a mixture of pleasure and pain expressed on their faces. On getting used to it, they happily glide on the cock and moan softly as their buttholes get fucked in different positions.