Big Ass


Ladies come in an array of shapes and sizes; they could be slim, curvy or fat with each size coming with unique features. Curvy girls and BBW are known to have features any potent man cannot be able to resist, although according to the popular saying beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In this case, each man has his own preference. Some men prefer their girls slim and portable for certain reasons while other men can't just get enough of curvy girls.

Curvy girls are the ones that will leave you speechless and dumb when you run across them in the street. The way the big ass jiggles violently every time they walk could start a small war in any hood. Every guy has to admit he has embarrassingly had an erection once or twice at the sight of a mountainous booty that looks like two basketballs in tight jeans or leggings as the case may be. You instantly create a picture of how that bouncy mound of flesh will look like when let loose.

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The rhythm that comes with each thrust will bring a flood of excitement into you, seeing the big ass bounce and clap uncontrollably against your stomach as you fuck her in a doggy position. The mound of meat is surely so tasty and juicy you will have memories of them for a long time. Although, butts come in different sizes. But to every ass man out there: the bigger the ass cake, the more satisfied you are.