There have been a lot of myths and presuppositions about sex from behind: Men tend to want it more even if it's not pleasurable for her. Orgasms only come from the pussy as there is nothing like an orgasm from behind. There are some rare occasions like stars aligning, the feelings will strike both the man (dick) and the woman (pussy) simultaneously and that will strike you to have the most satisfying and incredible asshole sex imaginable.

Butgenerally, some preparations are required before engaging in anal sex, it is the duty of the lady to be in control of the process whatever level she wants to get to. Most times, the pace of the penetration is controlled by the female as she feels the most pain when he hits fast. She talks with him throughout the process and tells him tostop when she gets uncomfortable. The best thing about this form of sex is that it gets better with time, once the body gets comfortable with it the first time, the pains become less.

Here are some helpful ways expressed in having asshole sex.

  • Position:All sexual positions do not give equal level of comfort, it is better to explorea few number of positions before deciding on which is most preferable. The doggy position is great for beginners as itallows easier and deeper penetration.

  • Lube:Perhaps you already know that ahigh-quality familiar moisturizer is important for sex from behind. The more the moisturizer, the easier the penetration. This gets are wet and reduces friction by making the butthole slippery.

  • Condoms: Condoms are great for anal sex. Apart from serving as protection, it makes movement better and smoother through this tight passage. It gives an easier and less painful experience. Condoms slide through the rectum easier which makes it more enjoyable.

In addition, talking is the most essential part of having a pleasurablebuttholesex, or any other kind of sex for that matter. The most highly sensitive zoneto sexual arousal is between the ears,the sex will surely be mind-blowing if it isstimulated as communication takes place.